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My Experience as a Representative for the World Evangelical Alliance at the 2013 General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan

Dec 18, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

Cooperation It was obvious that the World Council of Churches went out of its way to respond to the Evangelical movement in a welcoming and friendly manner, to inquire about our points of views on issues, and to include them in the General Assembly in Busan. This was evident in that the representati

All People are Sinners, part 4

Nov 23, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

A foundation for democracy In the last blog we saw that the statement “all people are sinners” has eminent socio-political and political significance. The statement that all people are sinners also constitutes a significant foundation for democracy and is among the reasons why almost all countries w

All people are sinners, part 3

Nov 19, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

A Basis for fighting social and structural evil In my last two blog entries, I addressed the statement “all people are sinners.” This statement also has noteworthy sociopolitical and political significance. The statement means that we, as Christians, do not see all sorts of social problems only as s

All people are sinners, part 2

Nov 16, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

Judeo-Christian anthropology (the study of humankind) lives with a peculiar tension. On the one hand, humanity is created in “the image of God” and endowed with unbelievable abilities and complexity. On the other hand, humankind has turned away from God as a “sinner” and is capable of staggeringly e

What can be done when “can’t” isn’t an option

Nov 14, 2014 by Brian C. Stiller

Who would have guessed it would be this rather modest country, Lithuania, who would be the first to push out from under the crumbling Soviet Union to declare independence? But that they did, even though the not-yet-fallen Soviet system sent in troops to try and intimidate the bold and brash who dete

All People are Sinners, part 1

Nov 14, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

Is this a claim of faith or of reason? When Christians make divine revelation the point of departure for their thinking, this does not mean that they believe something nonsensical or that revelation is essentially divested of reasonable justification such that it cannot be discussed. It only means t

No Church without Missions – No Missions without Freedom

Nov 6, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith clarifies the Relationship between Truth and Religious Freedom A few days after the second encyclical was issued 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI on the hope of Christians, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith presented a subtly cautious “D

The Church – Poland’s Cultural Glue

Nov 4, 2014 by Brian C. Stiller

It is impossible not to see paw prints marking each country residing alongside the great bear. As others in the region, Poland has been somewhat shaped by her relationship to Russia. Poland has been Christian since its founding in 966 AD. And yet it has a history of being pushed around. The Swedes s

Tony Palmer (†): The sudden death of a friend reminds me of the center of our faith

Nov 3, 2014 by Thomas Schirrmacher

My friend Bishop (†) Tony Palmer died on Sunday 20th July, 2014, after injuries sustained in a motorbike hit-and-run accident – in spite of a operation of several hours. Thus close are life and death. We just had visited the Pope and had far reaching dreams, and how is no longer among us. He was [&#

Finding the Road to Take

Oct 29, 2014 by Brian C. Stiller

As I pressed the buzzer to open the door to the apartment bloc, I noticed an announcement with information on where  the nearest bomb shelter was. But how could this be? It was Kiev in 2014 in the western Ukraine. People were moving about, living their lives, and yet here was a warning to protect