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Afroscope July: A Safari to West Africa; New Building Updates; and more

Jul 18, 2016

The WEA Global Ambassador, Dr. Brian Stiller planned to have the AEA General Secretary, my good self, accompany him on a mission to visit four West African national alliances, including Ghana, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, June 2-15, 2016. Meeting the National Alliances is core our work at regio

Micah- June Newsletter

Jun 10, 2016

        Newsletter - June 2016  

Micah Statement on the Panama Papers and Corruption

May 27, 2016

We are outraged at the injustice revealed through the information accessed in the leaked “Panama Papers”. Recent figures advanced by the media highlight that $32 trillion dollars (32 000 000 000 000) are hidden in tax havens. Such a figure is hard to imagine. It represents 575 tim

Reduce the Threat of Nuclear Catastrophe - A Joint Statement by Science and Faith Leaders

May 5, 2016

As President Obama considers a visit to Hiroshima while in Japan later this month for the G7 summit, leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals, National Latino Evangelical Coalition, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Union of Concerned Scientists released a statement on steps the

Integral Responds to the Earthquake in Ecuador

Apr 27, 2016

    26th April 2016 Eight Integral Members[1] are responding to the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck northern Ecuador at 6:58 pm local time on 16 April 2016. A further four Members are still considering how they might contribute to this Integral joint disaster respo

Christian Charities Urge Opposition to Government Plans for Registration and Inspection of Church Youth Work

Apr 18, 2016

Christian charities CARE, Christian Concern, Evangelical Alliance, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship and The Christian Institute have today issued a joint statement and call to action over government proposals to register and inspect church youth work. The statement reads: "Requiring

EFC Urges Parliamentarians to Seriously Consider the Societal Implications of New Euthanasia Legislation

Apr 15, 2016

OTTAWA – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada urges Parliamentarians to carefully consider the inherent risks of decriminalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia, and to specifically include conscience protection for medical practitioners and institutions in Bill C-14. “With t

Evangelical Leaders Agree on Racial Reconciliation

Apr 14, 2016

Leaders in the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) unanimously affirmed that racial reconciliation is a biblical mandate, according to the February Evangelical Leaders Survey. The majority of the respondents (69 percent) also said they have preached, taught or heard a sermon on racial

Italian Evangelicals Debate How to Relate to Roman Catholicism in AEI Annual Meeting

Apr 5, 2016

WEA’s Secretary General Efraim Tendero and Pentecostal pastor with personal friendship with Pope Francis Giovanni Traettino, among those invited to share their views in the assembly of the Italian Evangelical Alliance.   Efraim Tendero (World Evangelical Alliance, WEA) and Jaume

The Asia Evangelical Alliance Condemns the Wanton Bombing in Pakistan

Mar 29, 2016

The Asia Evangelical Alliance (AEA) condemns the wanton bombing in a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, which killed at least 72 people and injured 341 others on Easter day 27th March 2016.