Jude Simion

Refugee Task Force

Jude Simion is the Chair of the WEA Refugee Task Force and Refugee Highway Partnership Facilitator. Having pioneered many innovative refugee support programs, including humanitarian response initiatives, he passionately promotes church response in addressing issues of global displacements.

Jude is the CEO of Barnabas Relief Education and Development (BREAD), which is the aid and development arm of the Barnabas Fund Australia.

He served as the Program Coordinator of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance in Sri Lanka from 2001 to 2011, responding to displacements related to the Asian Tsunami of 2004 and the thirty-year-old civil war in the country. He championed innovative ways of addressing Evangelical concerns related to relief, rehabilitation, reconciliation, and resettlement partnering with local and International mission agencies and churches.

Jude has a Masters degree in Aid and Development, experience in business, aid & development, peace building, advocacy and youth work. He has been involved in organizations and companies based or working in South Asia, the Middle East and Europe.