Evangelical Leaders Weigh In on Evangelizing Jews

Press March 28, 2008

A who’s who of evangelical leadership from Chuck Colson to Paul Yonggi Cho have endorsed a one-page statement on the Gospel and the Jewish People which is appearing in Christian magazines as well as some major secular newspapers throughout April and May.

Sponsored by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), the statement is intended for popular consumption by the evangelical Christian public. Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe, the CEO & International Director of WEA, comments,

“Increasingly, Jewish Evangelism is being marginalized and even dismissed as irrelevant, inappropriate, unethical or deceptive by some segments of the church. This statement is an attempt to speak to the evangelical community about the biblical basis for sharing their faith with all people, including Jews. It is our hope that it will be received in the spirit it is intended by the non-evangelicals who see it. Namely, that it is a statement of friendship and profound respect for the Jewish people, a commitment to stand with the Jewish people who have suffered mistreatment simply for being Jewish. And that part of our friendship and care and respect is shown is our commitment to share the love of God in Christ whom we believe is their Savior as well as ours.”