Relief & Development

Relief & Development Department

Care for the suffering and building resilient communities are important ministries for the local church and an important focus for the WEA.  It is with that mission in mind that the WEA Department of Relief and Development (R&D) was created in December 2019.   WEA R&D will help alliances build R&D capacity by providing technical and organizational guidance, building partnerships with international R&D organizations, and representing the WEA at international meetings.  it will help WEA NGO affiliate members and networks forge strong working relationships with national alliances and support efforts to equip local churches.  Our chief aims are:

  • Engage and equip national evangelical alliances in relief and development;
  • Build cooperation between Alliances and the R&D Community through open communication and encouraging cooperative efforts.
  • Make the Christian community aware of disasters and disaster survivors, with special attention to little recognized disasters and the alliances and churches that respond to them;
  • Represent the WEA to the global R&D community.

In this webpage, we will post stories about Alliances relief work and ministries, announce opportunities for training, share our current projects and more.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The Health Mission Network

WEA R&D is co-leading a Health Mission Network initiative in partnership with Lausanne, represented by Dr. Michael Soderling. Starting with the foundational work by Micah Global at the 2015 Triennial, this new network is aiming to establish a model for church-based health.  Health is defined broadly to include clinical, mental, public, and community health as well as prevention and healthfulness.  The Network is organizing working groups around the key areas identified by the steering group. Interested parties may contact us at [email protected].

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Upcoming Events

March 18-20, 2020
Limbe, Cameroon
Responding to the crisis in Cameroon, a working session.
Attendees will need to register with Micah by March 24 at [email protected]. 

March 27, April 3, April 10, 2020
Webinar series on Justice and Resilience hosted by Micah Global
Attendees will need to register with Micah by March 24 at [email protected]. 

August 23-29, 2020
Kigali, Rwanda
A workshop planned as part of the AEA regional meeting, regarding climate change and Justice in Rwanda.