WEA Membership

By being a member of the World Evangelical Alliance, you are supporting a globally trusted voice for evangelical Christians and joining together with hundreds of other Christian ministries.

Membership Benefits


Association with the WEA helps bring global credibility and the opportunity to generate prayer and support for your National and Regional Alliance’s activities. The WEA website, its social media presence on facebook and twitter, as well as its publications offer a platform for featuring the work of its members.


Members of the WEA have access to over 200 international Christian organizations for collaboration and partnership. The WEA is also engaged in both public and behind the scenes advocacy work for its National Alliances.

Training Opportunities & Research through the WEA Leadership Institute

The WEA LI offers various courses and programs to strengthen National and Regional Evangelical Alliances by developing effective leaders. It offers consultation and equipping for better practices in Association Leadership. Furthermore the WEA LI also offers research possibilities through online surveys and other services.


WEA commissions and strategic initiatives deliver extensive resources in the areas of mission, theology, religious liberty, youth, women’s issues, information technology, human trafficking, peace and reconciliation, and more. Members also receive periodic insider reports on confidential WEA behind-the-scenes diplomacy, particularly on religious liberty.


As a member, you are invited to join the various regional and global meetings hosted by the WEA, including the General Assembly as well as specialized summits. Regional General Secretaries also have influence over WEA in various ways. And, you have the opportunity to invite WEA leaders to speak at various events.


As WEA’s primary members, National and Regional Alliances benefit from various services designed specifically and exclusively for them, including a starter pack for general secretaries and a membership package that is sent after sign-up or renewal. Furthermore, the WEA offers IT support for website building and e-mail servers.


The WEA has partnered with a trusted financial institution to provide savings on international wire transfers to its members. In comparison with other leaders in the industry, this service guarantees lower exchange rates for each transaction with no hidden fees or account maintenance fees. Best of all, the WEA receives a donation for each transaction made through this service.
Find out more: www.worldea.org/wiretransfer


The WEA provides a platform for coordinated global evangelical dialogue and engagement, bringing together national alliances, regional bodies and global partners. It provides a reasoned, credible, biblically sound voice on to critical issues facing the worldwide evangelical community. It is critical that the WEA be strong and effective in gathering and representing evangelicals on the global stage.

Bruce Clemenger
President, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

‘WEA’s greater visibility and connectedness around the globe in recent years is deeply significant – not only because of the opportunities for influence that this growth has created, but also because it represents a welcome paradigm shift from the dualism that evangelicals have long been known for.

Aiah Foday-Khabenje
General Secretary/CEO Association of Evangelicals in Africa

Europe is becoming mission field again. That is one reason why the global body of WEA is important for us. WEA helped our region greatly in educating many leaders through its Leadership Institute, advocated for religious freedom through its Religious Liberty Commission. The WEA Regional-Leaders-Team is a valuable platform of encouragement and cooperation for me.

Rev. Niek Tramper
General Secretary of European Evangelical Alliance

Wherever I go around the world I find evangelical Christians. They turn up in all kinds of shapes and sizes but they are committed to a passionate, Christ-centred expression of the Christian faith. This international expression of the body of Christ needs a champion and a voice – it has this in the WEA.

Steve Clifford
General Director, EAUK