WEA Membership

By becoming a member of the World Evangelical Alliance, you are supporting a globally trusted voice for evangelical Christians and joining together with hundreds of other Christian ministries.

Membership Benefits


Association with the WEA helps bring global credibility and the opportunity to generate prayer and support for your organization’s activities. Members of the WEA benefit by displaying the logo of WEA on websites and publications and they are given the opportunity to be spotlighted on WEA publications.


Members of the WEA have access to over 200 international Christian organizations for collaboration and partnership. Each member is listed in our online directory and annual publications.


Receive special rates for the online courses offered by the WEA Leadership Institute. Courses include Associate Leadership Essentials, Effective Public Engagement, Building Strong Partnerships, and more. The WEA Leadership Institute also offers webinars and facilitates workshops on request.


WEA commissions and strategic initiatives deliver extensive resources in the areas of mission, theology, religious liberty, youth, women’s issue, information technology, HIV/AIDS, human trafficking, peace and reconciliation, creation care and more. Members receive a bi-annual insiders report on confidential WEA behind-the-scenes diplomacy, particularly on religious liberty.


The WEA has partnered with a trusted financial institution to provide savings on international wire transfers to its members. In comparison with other leaders in the industry, this service guarantees lower exchange rates for each transaction with no hidden fees or account maintenance fees. Best of all, the WEA receives a donation for each transaction made through this service.
Find out more: www.worldea.org/wiretransfer


The National bodies related to the WEA are doing an invaluable service in representing us Evangelicals before our nations, in enriching the churches by making available resources and ideas from the wider body of Christ, and in becoming a focal point for united evangelical action. The vision that lies behind the WEA to be a servant of the church worldwide is well represented by the constituent national bodies. I am grateful that the WEA fosters such a philosophy and facilitates such invaluable ministries within the body of Christ worldwide.

Dr. Ajith Fernando
National Director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka and International Bible Teacher

In my almost 50 years of involvement with WEA and its national entities, I have seen the hand of God on this amazing cutting edge ministry. Their ministry and influence is way beyond what most people realize.

George Verwer
Founder, Operation Mobilization

The World Evangelical Alliance has become one of the most important influences in the world-wide body of Christ, and has had global impact on some of the most urgent moral issues in our world today. With Geoff Tunnicliffe’s leadership, the WEA has brought Christians together from across old boundaries, has positively engaged other faith communities, and has played a vital role in seeking to address some of the world’s most critical problems and conflicts. Geoff and the WEA make me proud to be an evangelical.

Jim Wallis