A Quick Review about the Earthquake in Pakistan


The line between Hope and Despair is very thin … Let me Extend it!

Hazara region in the North-West Frontier Province is situated in an area prone to earthquakes.

On October 8, The worst earthquake in the history of Pakistan left destruction in its wake. The earthquake has left more than 35000 people dead and over 63000 injured in the districts of Mansehra, Battagram, Muzaffarabad and Bagh .Over a million have lost their homes .The fear is that the number is going to rise further.

Relief operations began pouring in very soon after the quake. However, it became apparent that it was not an easy task to deliver help and aid where needed. With the cold and fierce storms of winter rapidly approaching the Himalayan region, the urgency for Medicine, Food, Shelter and Blankets is very apparent.

Nevertheless, It would take weeks and even months to properly assess the scale of devastation wrought by the quake. Relief effort are continuing and getting stronger day by day. The tragedy is so massive that much more needs to be done in all the effected areas. Assistance for relief and rehabilitation should be forth coming not only in the immediate term but also on long term basis.

One of our senior staff workers Mr. Sadique Masih had been living and minister in the HAZARA area for the past many years and is an effective instrument bringing the message of hope and Love to his surrounding areas. We have lent our teams to work with other Christians involved in relief work through a Christian Hospital .

The Hospital exists right in the center of area hit by the disaster at BALAKOT.

The Most Urgent Need now is drinking water.

We are helping local people to dig new wells. Work on the two new wells is going on. .They would be ready in day’s time. Total cost for a well is App 1000 $ . More well are needed.

It would be an effective tool for witnessing and a proper step towards rehabilitation of people.

Should the Lord burden you to help us continue his ministry in that area more effectively or extend your help to the rehabilitation efforts forward your donations to Pakistan Evangelical Fellowship through:

World Evangelical Alliance

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Yours in his “Peace”

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