Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Afroscope Newsletter January, February 2013

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A Newsletter From the Association Of Evangelicals in Africa  (AEA)

Evangelicals in Africa United & Engaged in Effective Ministry


'How is AEA?' This has been the form of greetings I receive more often than not, very much like ‘how are you?' To the later we often instinctively go: ‘Am fine, thank you. Before you realize that you are actually on your way to see the Doctor for one ailment or the other. I tend to restrain an instinctive response to the ‘AEA greeting’ but rather a reflective musing- How can AEA be alright, when I think about the Church in Eritrea, Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Guinea Bissau, DRC, Ghana, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia, etc. While those musings do not always exude a feeling of exuberance, at best mixed feelings, God has brought me to the point of realism summed in these trustworthy sayings:
  • God is faithful, steadfast and his love for his Church is everlasting.
  • He leads in building, preserving and sustaining his Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.
  • Unity of the Body is a given. We do not make unity as national associations (Eph.4: 5-6). Ours is to make every effort to keep this unity (Eph.4:3).
How is AEA? It is well especially as God keeps on working out his purposes. We count it a privilege to be part of what he is doing. Please share with us what God is doing in your part of his vineyard. We share what we have in this forum.

Welcome- Jim Olang joined Thomas Ha on the AEA IT Team in February. Thomas is a missionary seconded to AEA from the WEA IT Commission. The move to employ an assistant was to ensure Thomas transfers skills to a local personnel to ensure long term IT service provision for the AEA Secretariat and the NEFs. Jim first came to AEA as a volunteer with PACWA. He has a background in IT and will assist ensuring that the AEA newsletter is out regularly. This will now be every two months instead of quarterly. Jim is married to Rahab and they have a daughter named Kimberly.

Resignation-Dr. Emily Obwaka, the PACWA Coordinator has resigned from her position with effect from January 2013 after two years of service. We will miss her fellowship on the Secretariat team and a contribution to the work of AEA through the Women’s commission. We wish her well in her future endeavours.

By AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje


We Cannot Ignore Islam Any Longer

In  Buseresere town in Geita, Tanzania, a Pastor, Mathayo Machila, is beheaded by Muslim youth on the 11th of February over a conflict of who has the right to slaughter animals for public consumption… Read more

AEA Relief and Development Commission Update

We are recovering from the demise of our Executive Secretary, the Stephen Mugabi. Stephen lead the team for well over twenty years and it has not been easy to fill the void. We thank God that the Commission continues to be vibrant. Currently, the main activity of the commission is a community development initiative in Northern Uganda and Western Kenya….Read more

Church to Play Key Role in Kenya Polls

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya was once again playing an official role in the  general elections in Kenya having received accreditation from the IEBC…
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AEA Prayer Retreat

The Association of Evangelicals in Africa held a three-day retreat on the 31st of January – 2nd of February, 2013 at the Jumuia Conference and Country Home inLimuru, Nairobi, Kenya to pray and commit its plans for 2013 to God…Read more



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