The Global Christian Forum Supports its Youth Commission


At the annual meeting of the “International Committee” of the Global Christian Forum (GCF) – this year by zoom – the GCF gave broad support to its Youth Commission and the related plans for a platform for direct exchange between young leaders of world Christianity.
The Youth Commission had met for the first time in October 2019 at the invitation of the General Secretary of the “Herrnhuter” (Moravian Church) in Christiansfeld, Denmark, both for itself and then with the moderators (Board) of the GCF. The World Evangelical Alliance is represented in the Youth Commission by Esther Schirrmacher.
The four so-called ‘pillars’ of the Global Christian Forum (the Vatican, the World Council of Churches, the World Evangelical Alliance and the Pentecostal World Fellowship), as well as other represented confessions, such as the Orthodox Church met are in agreement, that the Global Christian Forum must definitely be continued into the next generation. For all it is important that the Forum remains a discussion platform which is open to new guests and that does not form any kind of ‘super church’, or become an institution or emit theological or canonical declara-tions of principles.]]>