Tribute to the late Gary Edmonds, former WEA Secretary General

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It is with great sadness that the members of the WEA International Council learn of the death of Gary Edmonds.

When Gary took up the position of Secretary General on 1st July 2002 the organisation could not have been in a worse state financially.  During the months and years Gary faced an almost impossible financial situation and through his patience, faithfulness, prudence and frugality ensured that the WEA survived.

Gary’s mission at WEA was to strengthen the National Alliances and restore confidence in WEA’s financial stability. He thought, prayed and did much to refocus the work of the WEA to face the challenging demands of the 21st Century and left his successor with many suggestions and recommendations which have subsequently been implemented.

We shall bear up Tricia and the family in our prayers. We shall for ever be grateful to her and Gary for their sacrifice in enabling the work to continue.