WEA Mission Commission: Connections Magazine Archive

November 27, 2012

Connections: the Journal of the WEA Mission Commission was designed with the following key purposes. First, to challenge global mission leadership with thoughtful perspectives by MC reflective practitioners from around the globe and not just one nation or region. Second, to provide a writing platform for writers whose voice would not be heard otherwise. We wanted to "discover" and affirm women and men, younger and older, from all the MC key constituencies who have something to say. Third, to present the central "voice" of the MC leadership as it spoke into global mission issues.

Connections has now been suspended and the Mission Commission is seeking a new vehicle to share our concerns and priorities.  We will move beyond print publications alone to a more appropriate news vehicle. We continue to document key lessons learned by God’s people in mission in a world where Jesus followers are sent from nearly every nation to every nation around the globe to bear witness to Jesus.

William D. Taylor, editor of Connections from it foundation to its conclusion.


   April A Report on the 2010 Mission Conferences.
   April A Mosaic of Mission Structures. Read more.
September   Arts in Mission.
April Mission and Spirituality.
September Business as Mission.
December China. Read more.
September Contextualization Revisited: A Global and Missional Perspective.
July Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Violence, Persecution and Martyrdom.
April-May Reflections from COMIBAM III, Spain.
August Codes of Good Practice in the Missional Area.
November Women in Mission.
April Tentmaking in Today's Global Environment. Read more.
September Special Edition: Europe.
December Reflections from South Africa Summit.
April Looking to the Future. Read more.
June Holistic Training For Cross Cultural Ministry. Read more.
October Mobilizing Missionaries for a Different World. Read more.
February The Missional Heart of God Read more.
June ReMAP II - Long-Term Retention of Mission Personel. Read more.
October Europe: A Missional Case Study and Frontier. Read more.
February Member Care from Recruitment to Retirement. Read more.
June A Look at Globalisation and World Mission. Read more.
October Religious Pluralism - A Global Challenge. Read more.
October Global Leadership for a New Century. Read more.