Model Prayer for World Refugee Sunday

June 3, 2014

Father in Heaven,

Please be near those who are forcibly displaced today.
Some know you. Others do not. You love them all.
May they all know your presence, protection and provision.

You have not forgotten them. You know their names. You know their stories.
You know their journey. Please lead them.

You are not far from them. You know their loss and suffering.
You suffered too. Please heal and comfort them.

You are not against them. You deeply care for each man, woman and child.
Please renew their faith, their hope and their strength.

They've lost their place in the world. Be their refuge.
Graciously lead them to a safe place where they can settle and rebuild their lives.

We pray for peace, justice and reconciliation in their countries of origin.

We pray in the name of Jesus who was once himself a refugee.



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