Taking Responsibility as Evangelical Investors: WEA Discusses Faith-Based Investment Guidelines

General September 21, 2018

In advance of the Christian Economic Forum, the World Evangelical Alliance’s Business Coalition gathered a group of Christian financial leaders in St. Moritz (Switzerland) in order to strategise and discuss faith-based investment guidelines from an evangelical point of view.

In the sense of living in a broken world Christians have to emphasize their call to see God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. A deep and sustainable impact on the economic, social, environmental, and spiritual health of the world will require a radical approach on how to steward and utilise resources.

Timo Plutschinski, International Director of the WEA Business Coalition, said: “Responding to the cry of the poor and the cry of creation is a biblical calling which evangelical business leaders can do something about through their investments.”

Already in October 2017, financial investors and religious leaders, who represent over 500 faith investment groups, eight religions, and approximately three trillion dollars in assets, met together with leaders of the United Nations for a unique international meeting on “Faith in Finance” in Zug, Switzerland.

Now, it was time to follow-up this discussion and to work on evangelical investment guidelines, define strategic investment targets, and to develop tools that could measure the full range of impact that evangelicals are concerned about, including spiritual transformation.

The Principles

Investment is the means of allocating capital to where it can be most productive for the flourishing of humankind and the earth to build and preserve. It is fundamentally a moral decision.

As Christian investors, we believe:

Therefore we will:

If you are interested in joining this initiative with further thoughts, ideas, hints, etc., please send an email to [email protected].