Talitha Koumi Evangelical Churches Join WEA as Member Church Network

Member March 28, 2013

Talitha Koumi Evangelical Churches became member of the World Evangelical Alliance and share a short introduction of who they are:

Talitha Koumi is an evangelical non-profit organization that was established and registered in Bangladesh in 1989. As of 2012, it is the largest and fastest growing evangelical church in Bangladesh. Since its beginning until today, Talitha Koumi has successfully planted 1,956 churches and reached 121,661 people. The organization is currently working in 30 districts and their aim is to expand to ten more districts.

In 1991, Talitha Koumi (TK) developed a humanitarian wing, the Children Development Program (CDP), with the philosophy of providing humanitarian services to remote areas and socially less privileged people regardless of their race, religion, ethical or other background. CDP has been working for the well-being of all people; especially children and women through its multidimensional projects and programs like education, healthcare, economic development through income generating policy of micro credit, emergency relief and rehabilitation, social and spiritual nurture to facilitate holistic development of the poor people to achieve a better standard life.

TK believes in global fellowship and blessing each other globally and seeks for possibilities of joining with like-minded organizations all around the world through the World Evangelical Alliance. TK would be glad to share their experiences and learn from the experience from others by being connected with the WEA worldwide.

For more information, visit Talitha Koumi's website: www.tkmbd.com