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Christian Campaigners Urge UK's Prime Minister to Tax Olympic Firms and Athletes and Stop Exploiting Taxpayers

Jul 20, 2012

A London-based campaign group which is pressuring world Governments to help the poor has hit out at the hidden scandal of injustice at the London Olympics. Amanda Jackson, Head of Campaigns at Micah Challenge, criticised the culture that will make British taxpayers pay up to £

A Radical Message to G20 Leaders in its Financial Crisis: A Biblical Idea for a Bad Situation!

Jun 21, 2012

By Joel Edwards It may be a radical solution, but it's the truth just the same. The financial fallout surrounding the G20 is an open invitation for a return to some simple wisdom. How is this for an example: "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poo

Christian Women Clean up their Local Hospital to Improve Patients Health

Jun 8, 2012

With their hospital in a shocking condition local Christian women could take no more. So the local Micah Challenge organisation group in Epworth, Zimbabwe, co-ordinated 58 Christians to help a clean up inside and outside of the hospital, and especially in the maternity wing. The event has resulted i

Micah Challenge Releases 'The Jesus Agenda' to Inspire Christians to Take Action for the Poor

May 29, 2012

Thousands of Christians in dozens of nations are being inspired to help release millions from extreme poverty with a new resource. 'The Jesus Agenda' aims to make the worldwide Church aware of God's heart for the poor including the 950 million people who go hungry every day and 350,00

Human Trafficking Consultation Held in India

May 17, 2012

On March 7th 2012, the Evangelical Fellowship of India organized a national level half day consultation on Human Trafficking at Bible Bhavan, New Delhi. Commissioner Christine MacMillan, Chair and Spokesperson of the World Evangelical Alliance’s Global Human Trafficking Taskforce participat

God's People are Sharing God's Heart Right Across the Globe - Joel Edwards

May 16, 2012

Forget Lady Gaga - God's people are sharing God's heart right across the globe, says Joel Edwards, Director of Micah Challenge International. Pop star Lady Gaga has yet again hit the world headlines after her planned gig was cancelled. But the real story in Indonesia has more far reac

'What's so human about trafficking?' - WEA to Host Open Forum

May 15, 2012

On Thursday, May 31, the World Evangelical Alliance’s (WEA) Commission on Women’s Concerns (CWC) and Global Human Trafficking Task Force are hosting a day-long event on the subject of human trafficking. The meeting titled ‘What is so human about trafficking?’ will be held

Anti-Poverty Campaigners: Remind Presidential Candidates of Promises to the Poor

May 10, 2012

A campaign has begun to mobilise millions of Americans to remind President Barack Obama of his Government's promise to help halve world poverty. As America's Presidential election gathers pace, Micah Challenge USA has been set up with a massive plan to help the world achieve the Millenniu

Olympic Host Prime Minister is a Pace-Setter in Race to Help the Poor

Apr 23, 2012

by Joel Edwards With less than 100 days to go, the race to the London Olympics is entering the home straight. But at the same time, with less glamour and glitz, a far more challenging set of races are on in nations across the globe. The world is now on the final lap of a 15-year relay race to

Anti-Poverty Campaigner Joel Edwards Examining the Issue of Overseas Aid

Apr 13, 2012

Sweden has become the Manchester United of giving on Overseas Aid, but how good is their feat and does aid even work anyway? Anti-poverty campaigner Joel Edwards examines the issue. With Manchester United looking like winning the Premier League again, it seems business as usual in the footbal