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A Busy Week in the Nuclear Business - Review of the Second Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul

Apr 9, 2012

Last month was a busy one for nuclear affairs on the abidingly unstable Korean peninsula, giving observers of international affairs and global security several reasons to stop and take notice. Let’s recap: Late last month, President Obama attended the second Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Seoul, S

Thousands Learn About Politicians' Promises to Help the Poor - While Dancing

Apr 10, 2012

MORE than 2000 people learned about their politicians’ failure to keep promises to the poor made in 2000 – during a musical event. Micah Challenge, joined with local churches in Mutare, eastern Zimbabwe, to host a musical concert that helped highlight the plight of the poorest peo

A Functional Description of an Evangelical Alliance

Apr 12, 2012

If your Evangelical Alliance was given a “job description” what would it look like?  Some time ago, a group of experienced and professional leaders gathered to lay a foundation for the curriculum of the WEA Leadership Institute. Shut into a large boardroom hosted by a Global Part

Teenage Girl Orphaned by Crocodile Attack Becomes Local Hero in Anti-Poverty Campaign

Mar 29, 2012

Brave Linda Nkhowani is campaigning for a better education system for Zambian children – despite being tragically orphaned when a crocodile killed her mother.The inspiring 14 year old has left her pain behind to remind local politicians of the promises they made on the Millennium Developmen

Campaigners Give EU Leaders 10,000 Reasons to Tackle Corruption

Mar 21, 2012

NEWS RELEASE - MICAH CHALLENGE Wednesday March 21 CAMPAIGNERS against corruption and world poverty have presented 10,000 call-to-action postcards to EU decision-makers in Brussels this morning (Wednesday 21st). Micah Challenge, Mission-Net, Tearfund and EXPOSED campaigners hope to

New Campaign Launched to Shine a Spotlight on Global Corruption

Mar 27, 2012

The world's poor are losing billions of dollars they are rightfully entitled to - this keeps them in extreme poverty. Countries lose billions through illicit outflows going into the hands of corrupt officials, politicians and business leaders.

500 Women Bring Government Change as they Campaign for the Poor

Mar 19, 2012

Benin - Some 500 women have pressured political leaders to help their poverty-hit nation by taking to the streets. The brave women have been campaigning for the poor in Djougou, Benin - presenting the Mayor and Health Minister with a petition calling for Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5

Announcing the Effective Public Engagement Course for March 2012

Mar 13, 2012

The WEA Leadership Institute is now pleased to offer the Effective Public Engagement course to National Alliance leaders, Global Partners, Affiliates and to our wider Evangelical constituency. The Effective Public Engagement course starts March 16, 2012. This course sets a backdrop for a bib

The International Institute for Religious Freedom releases new book 'Racism'

Feb 27, 2012

Are “white” people more intelligent than “black” people? Are Jews devious and grabby? Intolerance and violence through racism includes slavery, national socialism in Germany, apartheid in South Africa, or the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia. “It might appear presumptu

Latest Issue of the IJRF on “Religion and Civil Society” available online on March 1st

Feb 23, 2012

The International Journal for Religious Freedom (IJRF) publishes its latest issue online on March 1st. The theme is “Religion and Civil Society” and following are extracts from the editorial which give some insights into its content. Prof. Stephen K. Baskerville, managing editor o