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WEA Celebrates First \"World Issues Summit\"

Jul 7, 2005

WEA gathered its members for the first North American “World Issues Summit” on May 1-6, 2005 in Orlando, Florida.

Response to Terror Attacks in London

Jul 8, 2005

In response to the horrific bombing attacks in London , we at the World Evangelical Alliance extend our deep sympathy to the British people, in particular those directly impacted by these acts of violence.


Aug 26, 2005

É com grande pesar e profunda preocupação que a Aliança Evangélica Mundial, condena a recente declaração de Pat Robertson, na qual sugere ao governo dos EUA que assassine o presidente Chavez, da Venezuela.


Aug 26, 2005

Es con gran pesar y profunda preocupación que la Alianza Evangélica Mundial, condena la reciente declaración de Pat Robertson, en la que llama al gobierno de los E.E.U.U. a asesinar al Presidente Chávez de Venezuela.

The World Evangelical Alliance Condemns Statement by Pat Robertson

Aug 24, 2005

It is with great regret and deep concern that the World Evangelical Alliance totally condemns the recent speech by Dr. Pat Robertson calling for the U.S. government to assassinate President Chavez of Venezuela.

WEA Leaders See Great Potential In the World Summit

Sep 20, 2005

“The United Nations World Summit has produced one change that could be meaningful, and that’s in the language of the U.S. presidency,” said Michael Smitheram, International Coordinator of the Micah Challenge – the Global Poverty advocacy arm of the WEA.

International Church Leaders Unite to Insist Poverty Reduction Targets Be Met

Sep 19, 2005

Leaders from World Evangelical Alliance will join more than 30 leaders of Christian denominations worldwide in a gathering at Washington National Cathedral on Sunday, Sept. 11, to affirm the UN plan to halve extreme poverty by 2015 and propose stepped up action to eradicate poverty throughout the wo

Christian Leaders Present Communiqué on Poverty Reduction Action to United Action Leaders

Sep 13, 2005

Ahead of the historic United Nations World Summit, senior leaders of the World Evangelical Alliance met with top representatives from other Christian communions at the national cathedral in Washington D.C.

Hurricane Katrina: Call for Global Prayer

Sep 2, 2005

Like me, you have likely seen or heard of the reports out of the southern United States and of the devastating impact of hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding on the people of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.