SG Visits the Lukas Clinic in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Meets with Doctors and Nurses [November 2021]


Lukas Clinic Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

The Lukas Clinic in Tashkent welcomes its patients in Uzbek, Russian, Korean and English. The new premises are modern, equipped with all relevant devices and offer (especially to children) a basic medical care. During our visit to the clinic, the friendly team proudly showed us their three brand new ultrasound systems, the acquisition of which was becoming increasingly urgent. 

In addition to two common rooms, there are, among other things, several rooms for receiving and examining patients, a play corner for children, a room used for prayer and lunch breaks. Part of the Lukas Clinic team we had the pleasure of meeting included a Korean medical couple, a Norwegian doctor, an Uzbek doctor and several medical assistants with different specialties and areas of expertise. 

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Photos: Esther Haberland/WEA.