Johnnie Moore

Johnnie Moore

LightWorkers Media
Vice President of Faith Content


Executive, faith leader, author, speaker, and former senior vice president of one of the world's largest universities (120,000+ students), Johnnie Moore has been called one of the most influential young leaders in the world today, and he is numbered among America's leading spokespersons for international religious freedom. At Liberty University, he led and spoke weekly to North America's largest regular gathering of Christian students.

Johnnie is chiefly a humanitarian whose adventures have taken him to more than two-dozen nations. He's worked with genocide victims in Bosnia and Rwanda, established a sustainable agricultural project in economically down trodden Zimbabwe, learned Buddhism from the Dalai Lama's personal archivist in the Himalayas, visited the world's largest refugee camps on the borders between Kenya and Somalia and Jordan and Syria, observed Hindu rituals on the banks of the Ganges River and witnessed over two-thousand Asian Christians take a martyr's oath before receiving their college diploma. On five different occasions he has visited places that were later bombed by Islamic extremists. He is currently exclusively focused on the prolonged conflict in Iraq and Syria, and providing immediate assistance to the hundreds of thousands of displaced Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities through the Cradle Fund (

His diverse career has prompted leaders in education, politics, entertainment and religion to consult with Moore on the challenge of translating their message and preparing their organizations for the rise of America's 80-million millenials. In a major profile of Moore's work, the Washington Post said, "Johnnie Moore speaks the language of young evangelicals."

He has worked with every major print and broadcast outlet in North America and written for various international media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post, and Fox News. PR News recognized Johnnie as one of the top young public relations executives in America, and Christianity Today designated him as a "who's next" leader among the next generation of Christian leaders. His four books have received in excess of 100 endorsements from some of the most influential faith leaders in the world.

Johnnie Moore is Chief of Staff to Mark Burnett and Vice President of Faith Content for Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's LightWorkers Media, a division of United Artists Media Group (and MGM company). He serves on the boards of World Help, the US Lausanne Committee/Mission America Coalition, The Dream Center LA, National Association of Evangelicals, and the Influence Lab.

He is 31 and lives in LA with his wife, Andrea, and their 2 year old son, Edward, and 5 month old daughter, Catherine.