World Evangelical Alliance 175th Anniversary

175th Anniversary Uniting Evangelicals For Prayer Mission & Justice Since 1846


Europe is a diverse continent – in landscape, culture and spirit. Europe is a strong continent – in political, economic and social terms. But Europe is also a continent full of challenges: The best and the worst has emerged from Europe in history. Europe brought forth missionaries who brought the Gospel to all corners of the world. But Europe has also brought forth systems of oppression and wars that affected the whole world.

In all corners of Europe, we see the historic influence of the Christian faith. Scripture has shaped and significantly influenced Europe’s culture, Europe’s education systems, and Europe’s legal systems. There is an overarching influence of the Christian scriptures, which has brought European society to what it is today. But this heritage is under threat, the foundations are crumbling. To overcome all external and internal challenges Europe needs a broad, inclusive and deep unity movement.




Let’s pray for Europe’s unity: We prayerfully observe the political and spiritual tendencies of separation instead of unity, of separate ways instead of common cause. We pray Lord that we may be one in Europe that the world may believe that you have sent your son.


Let’s pray for Europe’s togetherness: It is an ongoing challenge to create and maintain unity between majority and minority churches as well as majority culture and diaspora groups. We pray Lord that we may be one in Europe that the world may believe that you have sent your son.


Let’s pray for Europe’s leadership: So often we see demarcation instead of togetherness, confusion instead of understanding, competition instead of cooperation. We pray Lord that we may be one in Europe that the world may believe that you have sent your son.


Regional EA est.1952
National EAs35
Albania Vëllazëria Ungjillore E Shqipërisë
Austria Oesterreichische Evangelische Allianz
Azerbaijan Evangelical Alliance of Azerbaijan
Belgium Evangelische Alliantie Vlaanderen
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Protestant Evangelical Alliance of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance
Croatia Protestantsko Evanđeosko Vijeće u Republici Hrvatskoj
Cyprus Cyprus Evangelical Alliance
Czech Republic Czech Evangelical Alliance
Denmark Evangelisk Alliance i Danmark
Estonia Eesti Evangeelne Allianss
Finland Suomen Evankelinen Allianssi
France Conseil National des évangéliques de France
Germany Deutsche Evangelische Allianz
Greece Pan-Hellenic Evangelical Alliance
Hungary Magyar Evangeliumi Aliansz
Ireland Evangelical Alliance Ireland
Israel Evangelical Alliance of Israel
Italy Alleanza Evangelica Italiana
Kosovo Kisha Protestante Ungjillore Kosovës
Latvia Latvijas Evaņģēliskā Alianse
Luxembourg Alliance Evangélique du Luxembourg
Netherlands MissieNederland
Northern Macedonia Evangelical Protestant Initiative
Norway NORME – Norsk Råd for Misjon og Evangelisering
Poland Alians Ewangeliczny w Polsce
Portugal Alianca Evangélica Portuguesa
Russia Russian Evangelical Alliance
Serbia Serbian Evangelical Alliance
Slovakia Evanjelická Aliancia v Slovenskej Republike
Spain Alianza Evangélica Española
Sweden Svenska Evangeliska Alliansen
Switzerland Schweizerische Evangelische Allianz
Réseau Evangélique Suisse
Turkey Protestan Kiliseler Derneği
United Kingdom Evangelical Alliance of the United Kingdom