World Evangelical Alliance 175th Anniversary

175th Anniversary Uniting Evangelicals For Prayer Mission & Justice Since 1846

North America

Since 1942, the National Association of Evangelicals has been uniting and mobilizing evangelicals to be more effective for Jesus Christ and his cause. We represent 40 evangelical denominations and thousands of churches, schools and nonprofit organizations. We seek to foster thriving communities and help evangelicals navigate complexity with biblical clarity.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (l’Alliance évangélique du Canada) is the national association of evangelical Christians in Canada. Since 1964 the EFC has provided a national forum for Evangelicals, fostered ministry partnerships, conducted research on religious and social trends and provided a constructive voice for biblical principles in life and society.

EFC affiliates include approximately 42 denominations, 75 ministry organizations, 33 post-secondary educational institutions and hundreds of individual congregations.




Pray for unity among Christians in North America. In a rapidly shifting and sharply divided culture, there are many forces that tempt to spin us away from one another.


Pray that believers in the region would prioritize their identity in Christ.


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