World Evangelical Alliance 175th Anniversary

175th Anniversary Uniting Evangelicals For Prayer Mission & Justice Since 1846

South Pacific

The South Pacific Evangelical Alliance Region (SPEAR) works closely with National Alliances and Christian organisations across the region to include small island nations to become involved.

SPEAR represents the South Pacific region of the World Evangelical Alliance. The purpose of SPEAR is to connect, empower and transform Christian believers across the South Pacific region fostering unity throughout. The initial founding National Alliance members are New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Australia more recently.

SPEAR’s mission through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is to be a platform for regional identity, voice, and collaboration for the advancement of the Kingdom of God through Christ-centered proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples including indigenous peoples, discipling the nations for the transformation of societies. SPEAR thinks globally, act locally, extend nationally and regionally.

SPEAR with the hope of God fosters unity across all spheres of society to transform and redeem for the betterment of our region. SPEAR National Alliances seek to serve one another, encouraging growth of new National Evangelical Alliances where they do not yet exist.




We ask for prayer for for Australia and New Zealand to continue to work and pray together to better support our small island nations in the Pacific region.


For increased cohesive collaboration to support island nation health systems and essential workforce sectors. For the work of God’s Church to address, mitigate and stamp out child, labour, and drug trafficking, across the Pacific region. 


For Godly leadership to overflow and wisdom to prevail with our government leaders to protect our Pacific Island region and its Pacific Nations.


National EAs3

SOUTH PACIFIC South Pacific Evangelical Alliance

Australia EA Foundation
New Zealand New Zealand Christian Network
Papua New Guinea Evangelical Alliance Papua New Guinea (EAPNG)