World Evangelical Alliance 175th Anniversary

175th Anniversary Uniting Evangelicals For Prayer Mission & Justice Since 1846

Latin America

The Latin Evangelical Alliance (AEL) is composed of the Evangelical Alliances of the countries of South, Central and a part of North America, as well as one of the Alliances of Spain. One characteristic that it has the strength of young people, organized through AEL Youth. Part of the strength of the AEL is also the representation of women (AEL Woman). There are also ministries that work under the coverage of AEL, such as Pastors Mentoring, Human Dignity, Family and Society. The representation of these ministries meets in the annual assemblies of the AEL. In this time of pandemic, the meetings and activities had their normal development, and through their alliances, help is provided to the material, spiritual and emotional needs of individuals, families and communities.

The main progress achieved in recent times is the Cooperation Agreement / Framework signed with the General Secretary of the OEA, which covers five areas of work, including the issue of religious freedom in the continent, migration, life and family and others. These are strengthened in bimonthly meetings with the Secretary General of the OEA.




The current pandemic situation that mainly affects the physical and mental health, both of leadership and of the members.


The assembly restrictions that affects churches services because of the Pandemic.


The face-to-face meeting scheduled for the month of October in New York.


Regional EA est.2013
National EAs20
Argentina Alianza Cristiana de Iglesias Evangélicas de la República Argentina
Belize Evangelical Alliance of Belize
Bolivia Asociación Nacional de Evangélicos de Bolivia
Brazil Aliança Evangelica Brasileira
Chile Confraternidad Evangélica de Chile
Colombia Confederación Evangélica de Colombia
Costa Rica Alianza Evangélica Costarricense
Cuba Alianza de Iglesias Evangélicas de Cuba
Dominican Republic Dominican Evangelical Fraternity
Ecuador Confraternidad Evangélica Ecuatoriana
El Salvador Confraternidad Evangélica Salvadorena
Guatemala Alianza Evangélica de Guatemala
Honduras Confraternidad Evangélica de Honduras
Mexico Confraternidad Evangélica de México (CONEMEX)
Nicaragua Consejo Naçional Evangélico de Nicarágua
Panama Confraternidad Evangélica Panamena (CONEPA)
Paraguay Asociación de Pastores del Paraguay
Peru  Concilio Evangelico de Peru (CONEP)
Uruguay Consejo de Representatividad Evangelica del Uruguay
Venezuela Consejo Evangélico de Venezuela