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Middle East Christians - Brilliant Stars Rising in the East

Jan 4, 2006

Though Jesus came as a witness to first the Jews, it was wise men (or astrologers) from the east who risked their lives and fortune to pay honour to the \'King of the Jews\'. One would expect priests or rabbis or members of the Sanhedrin to take special note of his coming. But it was uncircumcised

Christmas 2005: Amazing Grace, but Suffering and Terrorism

Dec 21, 2005

Surely the most precious of all images in scripture is that ofJesus \'the Lamb of God\' (John 1:29). What is so amazing, evenbeyond comprehension, is that God\'s provision of Jesus assacrificial lamb was not motivated by pity or any sense ofobligation.

Pakistan: Systematic Persecution and Injustice

Dec 13, 2005

RLP 355 November Update included a paragraph on an appallingincident of Islamic violence in Sangla Hill, 130km from Lahore,Pakistan. A Muslim falsely accused a Christian of desecrating theKoran during an argument over gambling remittances.

AOG Church - Ambalangoda

Dec 9, 2005

Thank you for your prayers. The case was postponed to February 2006 and therefore the Church member who gave the statement was not required to give evidence on the 28th November 2005. This prevented any opportunity to cause him harm.

Review of November Prayer Topics

Nov 30, 2005

During November we have prayed for...

China: How Long Will Liberty Be Resisted?

Nov 16, 2005

The printing of Bibles and religious literature in China must be approved by the Religious Affairs Bureau. Even then they can only be purchased through registered Patriotic churches, which are under the headship, direction and supervision of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Indian Pastor Arrested in Chattisgarh

Nov 14, 2005

Pastor Masih Das Rai was arrested in Palari, Chattisgarh under the Freedom of Religion Act for allegedly forcibly converting Hindus.


Nov 9, 2005

Over recent years, Christians in the West have become much moreaware of the severe, often violent nature of persecution andreligious liberty abuse in the non-West.

Guinea: Baptism Service Violently Attacked

Nov 4, 2005

On Wednesday 19 October, a baptism ceremony in Nzerekore was attacked by Muslims complaining about the music from the service disturbing their prayers at a nearby mosque.

Cuba: Reining in the Church

Oct 27, 2005

Cuba\'s Church was decimated when Fidel Castro\'s 1959 Communist Revolution forced multitudes of believers to flee to the USA for religious liberty.