Roadmap 2030

What is the Roadmap 2030?

 In every age, the Gospel continues to speak with power and compassion. It sees with the eye of a prophet and feels with the heart of a pastor. Whether the issues at hand are racial divides, disputes between countries, violations of human rights, physical and environmental disruptions, or pandemics, Jesus Christ stands at the portal of human need.

Founded in 1846, the World Evangelical Alliance has created and nurtured an unprecedented worldwide network of nine Regional and 135 National Alliances, as well as associated partners and organizations. Today, WEA is recognized as a major representative of more than 600 million Evangelical Christians … and growing. Our unique role is to be a voice and platform that unite this global evangelical movement.

The Roadmap 2030 is our strategic adaptive plan to guide the WEA worldwide community. We are united in love and devoted to following Jesus, fostering unity in the body of Christ for Gospel witness and discipleship. We invite the WEA family of networks to align our efforts, join in collaboration, and increase our effectiveness to accelerate the health and growth of the Church around the world.

Download the Roadmap 2030 Executive Summary [PDF]
Strategic Framework 2022-2026 [PDF]