August 9 Pray and fast for 10.10.10

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August 9: 62 days till 10.10.10, the Micah Challenge global day of prayer, promise and political impact


"The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding." Nehemiah 2:20


This week:

/Pray for God to give success to all the ideas that are planned - to provide funds and all resources

/Pray that many people will want to work hard in this task of speaking up with and for the poor

/Pray that the targets we have set for the prayer, promise and political meetings will be met and exceeded so that God can be glorified 


If you can fast each Monday for the whole day or or part of it, or fast from certain foods, that would help us to hear God's voice and help to prepare us for 10.10.10.

If you have any words of encouragement or guidance from God, please pass them on to us all.

Our 10.10.10 prayer is based on the prayer in Nehemiah Ch1. Download

There is also a children's version of the prayer. Download


"Lord, we pray that doors might be opened, that hearts might be opened, and that the heavens might be opened". 

Lillias Trotter, 19th century mission worker in Algeria.


Joel, Vikki, Theresa and Amanda