Welcome to the WEA Global Institute of Leadership (GIL).

Engage the Courses, Coaching, Community and Peer-Learning of the GIL is through the WEAPassport App at www.weapassport.com

What is the Global Institute of Leadership (GIL)?

The Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) builds organizational health and effectiveness among over 140 National Evangelical Alliances who are members of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). This is accomplished by training, coaching, peer-learning, resourcing and equipping. The GIL focuses much of its work by equipping the nine regional alliances to create their own regional institutes of leadership to serve the national alliances in their region with contextualized resources. The end goal is for each national alliance to provide resources for their members to speak the good news of Christ and display the good works of Christ on the frontlines of their spheres of influence.

Since 2019, the GIL has worked alongside 90 National Evangelical Alliances and 7 Regional Evangelical Alliances with webinars, courses, coaching, and resourcing.

What is the WEA Journey Passport App?

The WEA Journey Passport App connects leaders through events, coaching and peer learning both virtually and face-to-face, the Journey Passport provides individually tailored pathways to leadership growth. With resources for National Evangelical Alliance leaders, members, and any advanced leader who wants to connect to other global Christian leaders, the Journey Passport serves the whole body of Christ.

Each person develops their own extensive profile including growth goals and personal expertise. Each person has opportunities to create or join learning communities of common interest, geography or projects. Each person can create and share stories of what they see God doing in their community for others to learn from. Degree and non-formal training programs are available to provide extended leadership development all connected by specific community dialogues.

The Journey Passport provides a virtual learning experience to support a global evangelical community through the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), which includes 9 Regional Alliances, 140+ National Evangelical Alliances, key area Commissions and Program and Affiliates and Partner Networks; and the Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) whose purpose is to strengthen national evangelical alliance leaders to bring about national, social, and spiritual transformation.


What development goals does the GIL focus on for National Evangelical Alliances?

A National Evangelical Alliance (NEA) is an expression of the Christian unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17. While each Alliance is unique as it enables the Church to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ, there are common measurable qualities that demonstrate an Alliance’s health and effectiveness. These qualities include both the organizational and functional indicators and are described in the Seven Development Indicators of a National Evangelical Alliance.