Micah Network Prayer Focus – January 10, 2012

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Prayer Focus 10/01/12


MDG 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

More than one third of the food produced on this planet for human consumption is wasted. This amounts to approximately 1.3 billion tons of lost food per year. In developing countries, food loss occurs mainly at the point of production, harvest, post-harvest and processing, due to a lack of infrastructure, technology and training – while in developed nations, waste results mainly from the behaviour of consumers and retailers.

Christians must not be passive witnesses to the fact that 15 million children worldwide are dying of hunger per year, especially when we consider the amount of food that is going to waste. In a world challenged by climate change, a rising population, and a global economic crisis, we need to be smarter, more efficient, and fairer about the way we produce, distribute and consume our food. (from EAA Food for Life Campaign)

Personal Prayer and Action

Lord, help me to take personal responsibility on how I deal with food. Help me to be discerning and wise in my purchase, consumption and sharing of food.

To help in awareness raising and personal action use Waster Tracker for a few weeks.

Food Aid

Many countries rely on food aid to cover their national consumption needs. This creates dependence and vulnerability.

Let us pray for government leaders responsible for farming and food security – pray that there may be a growing openness to engage in solving short and long term food production that is healthy and locally produced.

Pray for aid agencies involved in Food Aid – that they may seek ways to support cooperate with local initiatives in food security.

Food insecurity: let us continue to pray for the famine and food insecurity in North Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Let us cry out to God for his intervention for rains and seasons this year that will allow for a successful harvest. In particular let us pray that the church leaders in these areas will lead the way in this time of intercession.

Prayer Points in Brief

1. Pray for the Micah Challenge Board meeting from the 17th to 19th January as they discuss how to further mobilise the campaign to raise awareness of the travesty of poverty and hold governments to account for their promises made in the MDGs

2. Pray for the Micah Network Global Consultation in September 2012 – we need to raise sufficient funds in the coming months to ensure the consultation is as accessible as possible for all who want to attend.

3. Pray for Chantal Tehe-Yoa, one of our Board members from Côte d’Ivoire who is planning to do the School of Reconciliation course in Rwanda later this month so she can run workshops in her country which has been through so much conflict and pain. Pray she will be able to get the logistics finalised and time off from work for this school.

Forgive Us

Lord, forgive us for our part in wasting food – help us to change our ways and find ways to protect local production, fair trade and access to food for all.