Palestinian Territories: Musalaha Prayer Update

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Dear Friends,

I hope that you are all well as the summer comes upon us. We here at Musalaha have been busy preparing for our summer programs. This past month has been relatively quiet as we did not have any major events, but we have been busy planning, recruiting and preparing for the months ahead. The month of June is also one of celebration as two of our staff are getting married this month (one got married yesterday, and the other will get married in two weeks).

For the last three years Musalaha has been training Israeli and Palestinian women in reconciliation issues and equipping them with tools to initiate and lead reconciliation groups and activities. We are very excited that this spring a Palestinian and an Israeli woman in each of our five women's groups will take over leadership of their group, allowing the staff to move on and establish new groups. It is very encouraging to see how we are able to bring forth agents of change and spread out the work of reconciliation. We ask that you pray for the new leaders as they take on this important task and responsibility. They need the guidance and the wisdom of the Lord to lead the women on the path of reconciliation. Please pray for our staff as we establish new groups and start the work of building relationships and trust among the new women. In the month of June, three of the groups are meeting to discuss in a more personal and intimate setting the issues of truth, mercy, justice and peace that we taught in Aqaba in the spring. We pray that the women will open up for an honest discussion without fearing to say what is on their hearts. It is not easy to discuss such controversial subjects. We also praise the Lord for his many blessings in the women's work.

Additionally, please join us in prayer for the Musalaha summer camp, the Nablus camp run by the Musalaha women, as well as the girl's sports camp. Pray that the hearts of the children would be open, for everyone's safety and that the children would enjoy what we are preparing for them.

Thank you for faithfully joining with us in prayer. It is such a crucial aspect of our ministry, and without it we would not go far.

God bless,

Salim J. Munayer Ph.D.

Musalaha Director