Sri Lanka: Pastor killed in claymore mine attack

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National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka

Special Report - 9th April 2007

Pastor Yesu Kumar (aged 30) from the Assemblies of God Church in Vankalai, Mannar was killed on Saturday (7th) morning, when the bus he was traveling on was blown up by a claymore mine in Vavuniya. Six other passengers died, including two children and twenty five were injured.

While Christians around the world prepared to celebrate Easter during the Holy Week, the Sri Lankan Christian community was plunged in to shock and sadness as news of Pastor Yesu Kumar's death spread.

Pastor Yesu Kumar who was an energetic and hardworking minister of God, with a vision and hear for sharing the Gospel. On that fateful Saturday morning, he was on his way to meet his senior pastor when the bus he was traveling in was blown up. He is survived by his wife who is expecting their second child and their little daughter who is 5 years old.

09/04/2007 NCEASL