The Evangelical Training Database

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Help for Your EA Website – the Evangelical Training Database

If you would like to help people in your country find appropriate evangelical training to serve the Lord better, you can add, without charge, a link to the Evangelical Training Database which will bring up the evangelical training colleges in your country (and further afield if you like). You would have full control over which organisations and training courses appeared in the database search. You can have a free interface in your language, tailored to your Alliance. The site is fully working in Afrikaans, English, French, German, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish, and is being translated into other languages. The aim is that there be one database with information on all evangelical courses world-wide which can be accessed through many interfaces in different languages.

The Evangelical Training Database has been developed in the United Kingdom by the Missionary Training Service, a member of the UK Evangelical Alliance. It forms part of the home page of the World Evangelical Alliance (www.worldevangelical.org) – under Evangelical Training at the bottom of the page, and the Evangelical Alliance in the UK (www.eauk.org) – under Training Search in the right hand sidebar, the International Missionary Training Network of the WEA (www.theIMTN.org) and a growing number of other major evangelical websites.

We hope that this feature will make your website even more helpful for visitors so that many can receive the training they need. We are cooperating with ICETE and other bodies to make the database as useful as possible. Training providers can add details of their courses free of charge. You would have the power to vet them, if you so choose.

If you would like to add this facility to your website, please contact Ian Benson, the coordinator of the Evangelical Training Database at [email protected]. If you are attending the WEA conference in Thailand, there will also be a stand there, God willing, at which you will be able to receive more information. This is a free service to all Evangelical Alliances.

May God bless and help you.

Ian BensonCoordinatorThe Evangelical Training DatabaseE-mail: [email protected] Website: www.trainforChrist.org/englishTel. +44 20 7932 0728

Associate of the International Missionary Training Network of the World Evangelical AllianceMember Organisation of the Evangelical Alliance of U.K.Member Organisation of Global Connections (the Evangelical Missionary Alliance)Registered Charity No. 1073046