World Relief Advocacy Update – Part 2 of 3

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Photo: Women Refugee from Darfur (The International Rescue Committee)


Refugees continue to be barred admission to the as they were forced to provide “material support” to a terrorist organization or were involved in pro-democracy activity. For more background information, please go to http://www.wr.org/joinin/advocacy/view.asp?id=80024024

We have been actively pursuing a legislative fix to the material support bar. In late March, World Relief in conjunction with other refugee interest organizations was able to include legislative language in the Iraq Supplemental bill that would have greatly ameliorated this problem. Senator Kyl from Arizona, however, struck the language out of the bill at the last minute due to a procedural objection, and offered his own amendments that would have worsened the problem. World Relief along with other organizations sent a letter to the leadership of Congress (ATTACHED) expressing our strong disappointment that the language was struck from the bill and stating we will continue to pursue a legislative fix.

Rep. Joseph Pitts is committed to introducing his own legislation that would comprehensively fix the problem. When he introduces the bill, we will actively be contacting previous co-sponsors in order to gain more support for this bill!

For the latest information on the material support issue, please go to: http://www.refugeecouncilusa.org/issue-msupport.html

What can you do?
1) Continue to inform your Representatives of this problem and the need for a legislative fix.
2) Meet and write to your Representative to co-sponsor the Pitts’ bill when it is introduced
3) Check out www.refugeecouncilusa.org for updated media articles, etc. on this issue

Jenny Hwang
Director for Advocacy and Policy
Refugee and Immigration Program
World Relief
[email protected]