What We Do

The WEA has six programmatic departments - Alliance Development, Church in Community, Missions & Evangelism, Public Engagement, Relief & Development and Theological Concerns. Each department consists of networks related to the area, working together to maximize their impact on the global and local communities.

Alliance Development

The WEA Alliance Development Department seeks to strengthen existing evangelical alliances and establish new alliances in places they do not yet exist. The WEA ADD, accordingly, equips and establishes alliances to be visible, viable and vital entities that impact the nations with the Kingdom of God.

Areas of Engagement

Global Institute of Leadership
IT Commission

Church in Community

The Church in Community Department works with Evangelical Alliances and the broader WEA family, providing programs and resources to enable them to develop healthy disciple-making churches that make a difference in their communities.

Areas of Engagement

Bible Engagement Advocacy
Children’s Network
Family Challenge
Global Generosity Network
Pastoring of Pastors
Women’s Commission
Youth Commission

Missions & Evangelism

The Missions and Evangelism Department connects with leaders of Evangelical Missionary Alliances, missions movements, networks, agencies and churches to reflect on current missions and evangelism practice and provide resources that strengthen participation in God’s mission locally and globally.

Areas of Engagement

Mission Commission

Public Engagement

The Public Engagement Department seeks to engage with governments, intergovernmental and non-profit organizations and various other stakeholders to address and advocate for issues of public concern and for the common good.

Areas of Engagement

Creation Care Task Force
Human Trafficking Task Force
Peace & Reconciliation Network
Refugee Task Force
Global Task Force on Nuclear Weapons
United Nations Engagement

Relief & Development

The newly launched WEA Relief & Development Department will focus on helping national and regional Evangelical Alliances respond to humanitarian crises and build more resilient communities. Dr. David Boan, who was appointed as its director and brings years of experience in disaster relief, will also serve as technical liaison to international organizations, such as the World Bank, and to members and partners, such as World Vision, and Micah Global.

More information on the department’s activities will follow soon.

Theological Concerns

The Department of Theological Concerns leads an ongoing global discussion process between WEA’s wide range of members, churches, training institutions, theologians, and researchers, seeking to speak with one voice to the world and connects WEA to all other global Christian communions. It seeks to be present whenever theological informed issues are debated on a global level.

Areas of Engagement

Business Coalition
Religious Liberty Commission
Religious Freedom Research 
Theological Commission
International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE)
Intrafaith & Inter-faith Relations
Islamic Studies
Society of Christian Scholars
UN Bonn Liaison Office for Interreligious Dialogue