Chris Pullenayegem

Director, Migration and Refugee Network

Chris Pullenayegem immigrated with his family from Sri Lanka to Canada in 2001. He is academically trained in law (specializing in refugee and Immigration law and policy), psychology, leading change and innovation, and adult education. Chris grew up in a multi-religious and multi-ethnic context among communities fractured along these lines. His work as a Refugee Policy Analyst in Canada adds to the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the area of migration and Diaspora.

Currently, as the Director of a University’s Congregational Vitality Initiative, he is focused on building a vision for a new and emerging church in Canada co-created by established and migrant communities of faith, which involves researching and developing resources to facilitate this evolution. His interest in inter-faith work motivated him to lead an Ontario inter-faith coalition on social reform.  He is a trainer in cross-cultural competencies and multi-faith awareness and is a keen observer of people movements. Chris has decades of experience working with the Church in matters relating to church renewal, leadership and new ministry development, and discipleship/faith formation. He has considerable experience in leading startups/new initiatives and brings passion, people skills and sound strategy to help them grow. Chris finds recreation in music and outdoor activities.

As a volunteer, Chris provides direction to this new department of the WEA and will help shape its growth with the assistance of a part-time Program Manager.