David Kornfield

Pastoring of Pastors Task Force

Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia of missionary parents, David is an OC International missionary working in Latin America from Pittsburgh, PA. He has two masters (anthropology, U. of Chicago; education Azusa Pacific) and a doctorate in Comparative Education from U. of Chicago in 1980. He has worked in the area of discipleship since 1974, and more specifically in training and mentoring pastors and leaders since 1984.

His primary ministry focus today is catalyzing discipling and pastoring of pastors (POP) movements in Spanish-speaking countries. In 2012, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) asked him to help raise up a task force for pastoring of pastors for its 129-member countries. In 2016 he began to work in catalyzing PoP movements in W. Africa. In April, 2019 the Brazilian Bible Society published The Discipleship Bible of his authorship in Portuguese which will be translated into Spanish and possibly English. Dave also works with extending Edmund Chan’s Intentional Disciple-Making Churches (IDMC) to Latin America. David mentors leaders of PoP movements in ten countries in Latin America and W. Africa.