Dr. Brad Smith

Global Institute of Leadership

Dr. Brad Smith is the President of Bakke Graduate University which has students, faculty and alumni in over 50 countries. Dr. Smith has served as a legislative assistant in Washington DC to two US Senators and a Congressman and planted an urban church. Dr. Smith co-founded a Leadership Center at Dallas Theological Seminary where he started a spiritual formation small group program for students.  Prior to BGU, he served as President of Leadership Network which along with the Peter Drucker Institute created peer learning programs for advanced church, NGO, government and business leaders in North America, Asia and Australia. Dr. Smith has also initiated US and global young leader movements and events. Dr. Smith is married to Debby and has three college-age and early career children.

Dr. Smith is currently serving as the director of the Global Institute of Leadership, (GIL) creating on-site and virtual peer learning leadership development opportunities for leaders of National Evangelical Alliances.