Dr. Johannes Reimer

Public Engagement

Dr. Johannes Reimer is Professor of Missions Studies and Intercultural Theology at the Ewersbach University of Applied Arts in Germany and the University of South Africa.

Born in a village for displaced Germans in Siberia, he grew up in the former Soviet Union becoming an aggressive Youth Communist Party Leader.

It was God’s grace for Him to find Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. What followed was marked by suffering, imprisonment and finally forced migration to the West.

Then, Reimer studied theology in Germany, Belgium, the USA and South Africa. He founded and co-founded numerous churches and agencies, like Logos International in Germany, plus Bible Colleges and Universities such as the St.Petersburg Christian University in Russia (SPCU) or the Lithuanian Christian University (LCU)
in Lithuania.

Reimer is married to Cornelia, is father of three children and has two grandchildren. The couple lives near Bonn, Germany.

Since September 2016, Johannes Reimer has led the Peace and Reconciliation Network of the World Evangelical Alliance. He is personally involved in several conflict resolution programmes, for instance in the Ukraine, and has written extensively on integral mission and peace. His books have been published in 15 languages.