Dr. Seblewengel Daniel

Director, Women's Commission


Seble is an Ethiopian theologian and a member of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church. Her parents modelled for her Christlikeness and active participation in the church. Upon studying theology, she served for two decades as a full-time faculty member and held various leadership positions at the Evangelical Theological College and Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST). Seble also served as the chair of women in her denomination. She is passionate about contextual theology and women empowerment and has been involved in various initiatives which include eradicating harmful traditional practices. Seble enjoys mentoring as part of her calling to walk alongside people. She currently serves with SIM as the Director for East African Sending Office. She continues to engage at EGST as a part-time faculty member. Moreover, Seble is a member of several leadership teams including Langham International, INFEMIT, and the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians. Seble loves to spend time with her family. She and her husband Tamiru have three children (Sebhat, Leul and Bamlak) and live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.