Ji-Ung Jeremy Lim

Rev. Dr. Ji-Ung Jeremy Lim is an ordained pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. He has served in the capacity of a senior pastor of one of the largest Korean migrant churches in Germany for many years.

Born as a second-generation Korean-German, he has learned from early on to cross the boundaries of diverse cultural and religious contexts. He also holds degrees in theology from the USA, Germany, Korea and Belgium, giving him an international perspective on theological issues.

With his global outlook and his ability to communicate and engage at different levels, he aspires to translate the needs of the global church to the worldwide Christian community in order to equip God’s people and to expand the kingdom of God.

Ji-Ung is happily married to Eun-Jung and father of two children, Hae-Min and Min-Yul. The family lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.