10 DAYS OF PRAYER: Day 2: Friday,May 2: Preparing to live for His glory

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Day 2: Friday, May 2: Preparing to live for His glory.

Father in heaven, You are the High and Lofty One Who inhabits eternity, and Your Name is holy.

You have commanded us not to take Your Name in vain, nor to profane or blaspheme Your Name.

Yet Your Name has been profaned among the nations and many people had forgotten Your Name and stretched out their hands to other gods. We confess that we have transgressed your command.

As we now pray and confess Your Name, and turn from our sin, please hear and restore us.

Please forgive us, and sanctify Your Name so that all nations, even Your adversaries, shall know that You are Lord and fear Your Name.

Unite our hearts to fear Your Name so that we will depart from iniquity and will hold fast to Your Name and not deny You.

Forgive us for wanting to make a name for ourselves. Forgive us for our foolish jealousies and selfish ambitions.

You revealed your Name through your Son, Jesus Christ, and You have given us his Name to call upon for salvation.

We declare that at His Name every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to your honor and glory.

Sanctify your Name amongst us as we unite to pray and seek your face.

We lift our voices and bless your Name!