10 DAYS OF PRAYER: Day 5: Monday,May 5: Preparing to seek God’s face.

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Day 5: Monday, May 5: Preparing to seek God’s face.

Lord God, You said: “Seek my face!” We come to seek your face.

We want to know You for who You are.

Do not hide your face from us.

You are a forgiving God and it is because of your forgiveness that we can stand before You this day.

We desire to be intimate with You, to love You with all our hearts, our minds and our strength.

We no longer want to meet You casually.

We want deep encounters with You.

It is when we behold your face that we will be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

We earnestly pray that You will give us a burning desire to seek You more and more.

When we are asleep, let our hearts be awake.

You promised that those who seek You with their whole hearts will find You and that You will show us your glory.

We open our hearts before You.

Fill us now with a desire to know You and You alone.

Fill us with a holy determination to seek You until You reveal Yourself to us.

Let us not grow tired or weary in our desire to see your face.

Come near to us and have mercy on us as we seek You.

Fulfill your promise that when we draw near to You, You will draw near to us.