Religious Liberty Alert | Week Ending Fri 02 May 2008

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* AUSTRALIA -- In Australia, the New South Wales (state) Administrative Decisions Tribunal has found that a Christian
welfare agency cannot refuse foster carers who are homosexual, ordering the agency to review its policy and compensate
the two people involved. The Judges found legal exemptions for religious bodies irrelevant in this case.

Gay Couple Wins $10,000 In Foster Care Case

News Limited -- 25 April 2008


The judgement of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal (New South Wales) is available from

* CANADA -- 'Christian Horizons' a community living service provider has been ordered by the Ontario Human Rights
Tribunal to end a code-of-conduct contract with staff that specifies employees will adhere to Christian lifestyle
practices after a complaint by a former staff member.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Ruling Denies Christian Ministry's Right to be Christian Ruling has the Christian
community in Canada deeply concerned for religious freedom.

Life Site News -- 28 April 2008


Ont. Should Consider Pulling Funding From Religious Group: Critics

Canadian Press -- 27 April 2008


* INDONESIA -- It is difficult for Christians in Indonesia to qualify for official church permits. Christians are often
and frequently intimidated and attacked. Christians in West Java are worshipping in shopping malls on Sundays for

Indonesians Seek Salvation In Shops

BBC News -- 28 April 2008