7th edition of Operation World out now

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The 7th edition of Operation World has finally landed and we would encourage all our members to get a copy of this ‘must have’ resource. 

The updated and revised edition features crucial country-by-country stats and analysis, maps and charts, and is available in paperback and digital formats. 

The DVD includes the digital version of the book as well as PowerPoint presentations and interviews with some of the researchers involved in the latest edition and Operation World founder Patrick Johnstone. 

This work is rightfully called the definitive prayer guide to the nations. 

Bill Taylor, a WEA Global Ambassador and former head of our Mission Commission, says: “It is a unique global resource that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and a lot of WEA-related people contributed to the research.”  

“It gives a global panorama that is of strategic importance for the WEA because if we are a praying movement and our churches are interceding churches, then God will act.”

We would like to thank Jason for his tireless efforts in producing this hugely significant work. 

To get hold of your copy visit: www.biblicadirect.com