A Thank You Newsletter from EXPOSED: Shine a Light on Corruption – Join the Global Call

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“It is risky to speak out and the problem of corruption is  overwhelming... But I have never seen the church so receptive, so ready to act.”
Joyce Thong, during EXPOSED week, Malaysia
Dear Friend,
We want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you did during our week of prayer and action. We've been blown away by your creative campaigning, prayers, stories, photos and signatures, and believe they will make a significant change in addressing corruption and poverty.

Hundreds of thousands around the world took to the streets with candles and banners to highlight as never before the effects of corruption on the world’s poorest people. Vigils organised by church groups, businesses and communities were held in 150 nations including Nigeria, Zambia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, France, Ecuador, Italy, UAE and DR Congo. As Joel Edwards, EXPOSED campaign coordinator said: "Hope does not always begin on high budget platforms; and a million candle lights in unfamiliar places can dispel darkness more powerfully than floodlights in predictable places".

And the story doesn't end here. We'd love to ask for your help. To impact our world governments we need many more to sign our global petition to the G20. If you find just 2 people to sign, and everyone else reading this does the same, we'll gain over 12,000 more signatures. Send this email to your friends and colleagues.

This week marked the beginning of a journey to the Brisbane G20 meeting to call on governments around the world to deliver on promises to the poor...



P.S. Don't forget to email your friends the petition. Click here, choose your friends, and hit send!
Could you be an EXPOSED champion on the journey to Brisbane?
We're looking for people who are passionate about justice and about shining a light on corruption. To make an impact on the G20 (the world's powerful leaders) in Brisbane we'll need to gather many thousands more signatures.

Some highlights from around the world

Already held a vigil and not told us? 

If you took part in a vigil or if your church or group prayed about corruption and we don't know about it, do get in touch! Even if it's already happened, we'd love you to register your activity so we can get an accurate picture of what's been happening around the world.

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