A tribute to Ms. Fidelis Wainaina, member of the Micah Challenge International Board

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Ms. Fidelis Wainaina, a member of the Micah Challenge International Board
died in hospital in Nairobi on March 5 after a very short illness.
Highly respected by her colleagues and friends in Micah Challenge,
Fidelis had a deep and abiding love for Jesus, a love that led her into
a life of service to people and communities oppressed by poverty. She
was a wonderful gift from God to Micah Challenge. So often He used
Fidelis to help us think more clearly, to remind us that it was His work
we were seeking to do, and in meeting after meeting, with grace and
persistence, she would ask, "How does this help the poor? What
difference will this make at a grassroots level?" Fidelis helped us to
keep that focus.

We thank and praise God for the life of Fidelis. She has enriched our
lives. We will miss her very much, but we find great comfort in knowing
that she is now at rest, immersed in the love of Jesus.