AEA Holds Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Construction Commencement of the AEA Centre in Nairobi

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AEA Holds Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Construction Commencement of the AEA Centre in Nairobi

Nairobi- 22 April, 2015

AEA held a ground breaking ceremony today, attended by Christian leaders, partner organisations and building professionals for the commencement of construction of the first phase of the AEA centre that will comprise of state of the art offices that will have an end value of US 5 million dollars.

Model of the AEA Centre

Key facts on Phase 1 of the AEA Building Project:

  • Address: Valley Road, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Lettable area: 7,200sq ft. Per floor
  • Architects: Triad Architects
  • General contractor: Esteel Construction
  • Project Manager: Charles Ogutu
  • Completion: 2017

Rev. Dr. Aiah Foday- Khabenje, General Secretary of AEA, said, “It has been a long and arduous road but with the support of the AEA board, the building committee and professionals, we can finally kick off phase one of our ambitious project to fully maximise this 1.2 acre property God has given to us.”  Rev. Aiah also called on Evangelicals in Kenya to unite and move forward together because of the great task ahead of them. He noted that Kenya is leading nation with the highest number of evangelicals per population in the world and this represented a great privilege but also a presents a great responsibility and challenge in forging unity for the Evangelical Alliance in Kenya.”

From Left to Right - Bishop Kepha Omae, Connie Kivuti EAK General Secretary, Bishop Mark Kariuki, Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje, Arch Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Mugo Wa Karanja, AEA Trustee

James Gitoho, CEO of Triad Architects, said, “We want to celebrate the beginning today, but we ask you to pray for us throughout the construction phase. He added, “We have seen God’s hand all through the approval phase of this project, but I want to urge you, this is just the beginning. Phase -two of this project, which will cost in excess of USD 10 million, is where we as Christians around the globe should set our sights on.”

Mugo Wa Karanja, one of the AEA Trustees said, “as we kick off the AEA “Buy a Brick campaign”, where we are asking every Christian to contribute just 1 dollar to help AEA realize the goal of developing both phases of the building process, we should be proud that we have opted for this approach of encompassing every single African, regardless of their financial status to have an opportunity to contribute to the AEA building.” Rev. Mark Kariuki, the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK), President and Founder of Deliverance Church in Kenya kicked off the campaign by making a personal contribution of USD 1,000. He said, “I have led the way with this contribution now the onus is on Christians around the globe and especially in Kenya to follow suit and contribute just one dollar.” He noted that by contributing just a dollar towards the Buy a Brick Campaign we cement our legacies as the new building spring up.

Bishop Oginde Prays for the Building Contractors

Bishop David Oginde, Vice Chair of EAK and presiding bishop of CITAM, Bishop Kepha Omae, presiding Bishop of Redeemed Gospel Church and Arch Bishop Arthur Kitonga, AEA Regional President and Founder of Redeemed Gospel Church, all laid hands and prayed for all those who will be involved in the building process. Together with the Rev. Aiah and the AEA trustee, Mugo Wa Karanja, he planted a tree to commemorate the ceremony.


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About AEA:

The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) was formed on 26th February 1966 at Limuru, Kenya, during a meeting of 102 evangelical Christian leaders from 23 African nations and missionaries from other countries. The meeting had been convened as a result of the felt need by the evangelicals for a permanent association which would help build a united movement of the Body of Christ that would promote evangelical unity, fellowship and Christian witness in Africa.

In its 49 years of existence, AEA has grown into a continental family of over 100 million evangelicals comprising 36 National Evangelical Fellowships that are made up of numerous local churches. There are 34 Associate Members who consist of Para-Church organizations, and 11 Special Members representing local Churches in countries where there are no National Evangelical Alliances.