Afghanistan – Egypt

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Religious Liberty Alert | Week ending Friday 08 May 2009



The May edition of Harper's Magazine <http://www.harpers.org/archive/2009/05> carries an article -- 'Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for
a Christian military', by Jeff Sharlet -- that will fuel religious freedom debates for some time. The story opens with allegations of
soldiers vandalising mosques -- 'Spray-painting 'em with crosses'; and continues with a report on how one Special Forces group commissioned
their interpreter, an Iraqi from Texas, to paint a legend across their Bradley tank, which read (in giant red Arabic script) 'Jesus killed

Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military
Harper's Magazine - Jeff Sharlet | 2 May 2009  

In response to this, Al Jazeera has released excerpts from a year-old documentary which provides evidence that Christian soldiers have been
distributing New Testaments in local languages to Iraqi and Afghan Muslims. The allegation is that this violates the military's rules
against 'proselytism'. As noted in a report by Democracy Now, the Bibles in the Al Jazeera film clip were never distributed because the US
military confiscated and destroyed them.

Caught on Tape: Military Officials at Bagram Urge U.S. Soldiers to Evangelize in Afghanistan.
Al Jazeera (report plus 4 min film clip) |

'The Crusade for a Christian Military': Are US Forces Trying to Convert Afghans to Christianity?
Democracy Now (20 min film with interviews plus transcript) |



There is a great deal of concern that Egypt's pig cull is nothing more than an act of religious persecution targeting Cairo's impoverished
Christian Copts. Tensions are escalating.

Egypt's Mass Swine Killing Is Part of Forced Islamization
Voice of the Copts | 3 May 2009

EGYPT: Pig cull inflames religious tensions
RLPB 003 | 6 May 2009


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