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General November 7, 2013
The Association Of Evangelicals in Africa Newsletter

Evangelicals in Africa United & Engaged in Effective Ministry


"Scoping Africa"
The world around us continues to be turbulent. In Kenya, a 9-11 type terrorist attack at the Westgate mall sent the country into hibernation mood. The reverberations reached the rest of the world as the events were CNN-ized and BBC-ed. The Lampedusa drowning and European waters turning into a cemetery for African fugitives, the ICC indictment of Kenya’s leaders and AU resolutions all kept Africa very much in the news. A real field day for traditional stereo-types of news on Africa- all making grim readings! The world of social and electronic media portends unimaginable intensity of the debate and discussions.

Ultimately, it rattles and leaves many with more questions and unsure of whether the ground is still hard enough to put their feet on. But of particular interest is the question: “What do organizations like AEA say?” The non-public statements could well be days of ‘wilderness experience’ for AEA. However, the Lord always comes through for us. He is God, who was, who is and who is to come; God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The prophetic formula is preceded by “thus saith the Lord…” and an authentic liturgy is delivered. A voice from the ‘wilderness’ would break forth in a manner and timing of our God. In the meantime, keep occupied in the execution of the creation mandate and great commission, the be all and end all of our existence and in the assurance that God is with us. We invite you to have a peep into our world and welcome your participation, if the Lord calls you to volunteer with AEA or support it financially, for God’s glory:

By  AEA General Secretary, Rev. Aiah Foday-Khabenje


Rape cases in the Congo seem to be widespread. Some of the perpetrators include soldiers, close relatives and even neighbours. Attacks on women take place when they go fetching for firewood or water. Rape used to be a ‘preserve’ of rebel soldiers, but has developed into a vice that is commonplace and committed by ordinary civilians. A visit by AEA to Goma, Nord Kivu, in Eastern Congo exposed pain and anxiety but surprisingly revealed a hope and light that is shining bright in the community, The Evangelical Alliance of Congo... Read more


With great pomp and colour the Association of Evangelicals in Mali (AGEMPEM) celebrated their 50th anniversary on the 28th of September, 2013. In attendance were thousands of delegates drawn from various countries in Africa.The General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance in Mali Youssouf Dembele, said that this anniversary gave AGEMPEM the opportunity to give thanks to God and to honour S. Dembele and Lamine Keita Kader Coulibaly who cleared the way for God’s mission in Mali.... Read more


An attack targeting non-Muslims in a country that is predominantly Christian was bound to sow seeds of discord. Recently released video footage of the terrorists practicing Salah, a daily Muslim prayer ritual, amidst the fighting only increased the ill feeling amongst a majority of Kenyans. These tensions have led to violent clashes in parts of the Kenyan Coast, where there is a large Muslim population. The violence was ignited after a Sheikh... Read more


The World Evangelical Alliance and The Association of Evangelicals in Africa, jointly submitted The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) human rights report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). The report was focusing on three major human rights issues in the DRC namely corruption , and its human rights impact, sexual violence, and the turmoil surrounding the most recent presidential elections—and their human rights consequences. This review is meant to draw attention to the human rights violations in the DRC...Read more


Following ethnic violence in Guinea’s South-East city of Nzerekore, we wrote to solicit intercessory prayers and mentioned how the church had turned out to be the innocent victim. Calm has since returned amidst efforts by State authorities and community leaders to provide immediate peace and long term stability. Meanwhile, on the spiritual front, there have been some developments worth mentioning. The Church is more united across the nation. Churches in Conakry rallied gifts in kind and cash as relief... Read more


Thanks to the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches who hosted the WEA International Leadership Forum in Manila, where WEA's leadership, its commissions, initiatives and task forces, as well as regional alliances and global partners gathered to discuss plans for the WEA General Assembly 2014!