After Tropical Storm Tomas

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November 4, 2010 

Many are aware that Tropical Storm Tomas impacted Barbados Friday night into Saturday morning. I’m grateful that our property sustained no damage – only one mango dropped of the tree! J Yesterday morning water supply was restored and yesterday evening landline phones came back on. We are still without electricity. A neighbour who has electricity has tossed us an extension cord so that we can keep the fridge running and prevent food spoilage. It also allows us to run fans at night for sleeping. I’ve connected the computer for a few moments to send this email out and will disconnect the computer shortly. I don’t want to take undue advantage of my neighbour’s goodness. If you reply to this email I will not log on again until Thursday unless my electricity is restored prior to that. 

We had a great time at church Sunday morning. About 200 were able to attend (the usual attendance would about 3,000) but God gave me the message for the hour and He visited us in a powerful way. I’m so grateful for His graciousness. While the storm had passed Barbados was still under a flood warning, buses began running to limited areas after the church service began and many roads were blocked by downed trees and utility poles. About 500 houses have been damaged or destroyed. 

St. Lucia feared worse as 14 deaths have been confirmed as a result of Tomas and the south of the island fairly extensively damaged. The government’s preliminary damage estimate is EC$100 million. The hospital in Dennery was unroofed and about 500 homes damaged or destroyed. In St. Vincent a similar number of homes have been damaged or destroyed but I have not heard deaths reported. Please pray for these three countries as we go about the repairs and restoration of utilities and other services. 

Please pray for Barbados on Wednesday, November 03. This will be the state funeral of our late Prime Minister who passed away while I was in Cape Town. It will be a serious moment here. We have had only 6 Prime Ministers since independence in 1966 and he is the third to die in office. He was only 48 and has left a wife and three children, two of whom are still in school. A new PM was sworn in the same afternoon of the day the late PM died. We have a very stable Westminster style democracy. So no destabilisation of the country. 

Thanks for praying and being there with us during this time. 



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